March 2019 EEF – Ultra High-Efficiency Ventilation For High Performance Buildings

As building designs continue to pursue greater user comfort coupled with efficient HVAC systems, ventilation becomes an increasingly vital part of the solution. Delivering fresh air via Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems with Heat Recovery Ventilators is becoming more common practice, however the cost of de-coupling ventilation air from conditioned air often holds back better building designs.

To demonstrate the economic benefit of de-coupled systems, we will explore the building types and situations where a DOAS/HRV system makes the most sense, how to zone indoor spaces most cost-effectively, and what target CFM/ton can be pursued to keep the payback of these systems within an acceptable range to keep them from becoming value-engineered out of a design.


Wrench of the Year 2018 – Congratulations to David Cooke (Great Western Malting) and Curtis Steckler (Freres Lumber Co.)

Congratulations to David Cooke from Great Western Malting and Curtis Steckler from Freres Lumber Company for winning the 2018 Wrench of the Year!

Details here.

What are the Wrench of the Year Awards?

The Wrench of the Year awards are two, $500 cash awards that will be given to the individuals that best exemplify the spirit of hard work, hands-on responsibility, and determination that resulted in the successful implementation of an energy efficiency project in 2017 or 2018. Specifically the award targets on-site facility personnel that often go overlooked in major efficiency projects but whose hard work and attention are key to the successful implementation and persistence of the project.

To learn more and to submit your nominations click here or visit this link: http://www.aeecrc.org/awards/